Islamic Center of Pflugerville Weekend School

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Terms and Conditions

The monthly fee has to be set up through automatic ACH. You should have been provided with a form for this on the first day. One was emailed to all parents as well.

Payments for the books can be made in office. Book costs are $30.  

It is recommended for both boys and girls to wear modestly loose clothing. Any clothing materials displaying inappropriate images are not allowed. Girls are required to wear a hijab.

Sunday School hours are 10:00am - 2:00pm. Please do not be late when dropping off your child(ren) in the morning. Two or more late occurrences will result in consequences. Please understand that we have a long waiting list and want to make sure we teach to those who take the school seriously. And please do not be late when picking up your child. Classes end at 2pm. At this time, you should either be taking your child home, or be at the mosque praying with them. Late pick up will result in late fees. 

Your child will be responsible for coming prepared to class every Sunday. Please make sure they have the following supplies:

·      Pencils 

·      Spiral Notebook

·      Crayons/Colored Pencils

·      Gluesticks (1-2)

·      Safety scissors (recommended)


Please make sure your child brings a snack/lunch every Sunday.


We understand that many children, especially the youth, have cell phones. However, cell phones will not be permitted for use during school hours. Students must keep them out of sight, or they will be confiscated. All staff members have phones and will have access to parent’s numbers. 


We look forward to teaching your child!


Jazak Allah Khair